About The Designer


​Hi! My name is Katrina Larida, founder and concept designer of Sage Winther. I dreamt of making clothes that are kind to our planet and the community. This idea started when I was a fashion student at Parsons School of Design. There I became aware about how the current state of fashion industry is unfair to the workers and destructive to our planet. I wanted to become a designer who makes unique, statement pieces that makes a woman stand out from the crowd while at the same time create a collection that is friendly to our planet and the community. 


An idea of starting a designer brand that is 100% sustainable and ethical germinated and has grown to become Sage Winther. The name symbolises wisdom and honors Sweden, the country where my sustainable consciousness started. I also want to honor my roots, the Philippines, where I developed the value of being caring and nurturing towards nature and the community. My purpose for this brand is to positively inspire you to make a consistent small changes to our community and the planet through becoming a conscious consumer. 

My goal is to disrupt the fashion industry by not polluting the ocean, not mitigating CO2 emissions and not destroying the biodiversity. Through fashion on-demand, we will make beautiful, timeless and unique clothes for conscious, status-driven and digital-savvy women who challenge the status quo, want a unique identity and who want to stand out from the crowd. We guarantee that our clothes are made in a sustainable and ethical way so that you can elevate the well-being of your community and the planet while feeling energized and inspired.


We are currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our products are ethically made in Sweden and our raw materials are sourced only within Europe.

Join me in my mission!