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About The Brand


My name is Katrina Larida, a fashion design graduate at Parsons School of Design. I started Sage Winther in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.


There is a tornado of information about unsustainable and unethical practices within the fashion industry that contributed to climate change however there is no brand that tackles this problem head-on. As a designer, I was so tired of hearing mega fashion brands greenwash and fake their commitment towards making eco-friendly clothing, ethical production and sustainable practices. That´s why I started my own fashion brand that is purely sustainable, circular and ethical.


How does our business works?

We don´t only look at sales and margins as indicators of our success. The core of our business is to be sustainable and fair. We abide by these questions and if the answer is YES, then we know that we are doing the right thing:

  1. Are we using materials that are natural and doesn´t harm biodiversity?

  2. Are the resources we use sustainable and replaceable?

  3. Were the contractors in the supply chain treated fairly while making this product?

  4. When we discard our garment would it be biodegradable and doesn´t harm other living things?


That´s why the core of our business model is Made To Order and Made To Measure. Made to order so that we may never make a clothing that will never sell, hence zero waste. Made to measure because as the fashion cycle accelerates it has resulted to a lot of fit issues. According to BodyLabs Apparel & Footwear Retail Survey Report , in 2015, more than $62 billion worth of clothing and footwear styles were returned due to poor fit and/or incorrect sizing. Additionally, that study reveals that 64% of consumers state the main reason for returning clothing is incorrect fit. The benefit of buying made to measure or custom-made is that it will be designed to fit you. As the saying goes, don´t make your clothes wear you.


Sage Winther is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our products and raw materials are sourced and made in Europe.

Please support my mission by buying our clothes. Through Sage Winther, I want to prove that there is a business model that is win-win for the planet and the people.


For collaborations, investments or simply just to connect please send an email to

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